Rumours of DataEase’s death are greatly exaggerated

Last week Content and Code invited me to do the opening slot at one of their SharePoint seminars, and I thought I'd do something a bit different. I told the story of when I first started working for a Microsoft Partner back in 1991. The premise was that that although the Technology has changed and things have got smaller and faster the same fundamental problems exist, namely :-

  • The inability to easily share, collaborate and find information;
  • Lots of manual, error prone business processes;
  • Lack of consistency and control around the document creation process;
  • Running a business on hindsight (Looking at what's happened) rather than foresight (what's currently happening and what may happen).

And that's where SharePoint can help.

Anyway, I just happened to mentioned some of the apps I used back then - eg Word and WordPerfect for DOS, Lotus 1-2-3, Clipper and .. .. .. DataEase.

There was me thinking that it'd gone to the great database graveyard in the sky along with dBase, Clipper and Approach - but no. Andy Rose from the Sapphire Group dropped me a line to tell me that DataEase is still going strong -

On a side note - Dan Bricklin has made Visical available for download - and it's a whopping great 29Kb.

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