Demo Showcase 2007 for Partners

Spend less time creating demos and more time presenting solutions. These sales tools will help you improve productivity and accelerate the sales cycle by reducing the amount of time it takes to create a compelling demo environment that addresses the full scope of customer needs.

Effectively demonstrate the advantages of Microsoft technologies and solutions to customers with the Technical Demonstration Toolkit or Demo Showcase 2007.

Demo Showcase 2007

Demo Showcase 2007 is a scenario-based demonstration environment designed specifically for partners. With Demo Showcase, you can show how the integrated Microsoft platform, combined with your solutions and services, can address critical business needs.

Demo Showcase 2007 features 24 pre-built scenarios with a collection of 27 different Microsoft products. These scenarios and products combine to create a robust environment that allows you to create customized demonstrations, integrate your own solutions, or simply conduct any of the predefined, customer role-based demonstrations.

Product Demos

The Technical Demonstration Toolkit (TDT) is a collection of individual product demos designed for deep, product-specific customer engagements. The toolkit includes customer-ready demonstrations that show features and functionality of the Microsoft products.

Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners receive one complimentary TDT subscription as a member benefit. Quarterly shipments include additional DVDs that augment the value of the toolkit.

If you don't know what the Demo Showcase is or don't understand what it can do for your business, this 30 minute on demand technical and sales training course, specially designed for Microsoft partners can help you find out!

The Demo Showcase 2007 edition is now available for download to all Microsoft Gold and Certified partners.  It's also possible to order the two disc DVD set from the partner portal here.


Demo showcase 2007 is a scenario based demonstration environment designed for partners. This course will give you an overview and benefits of Demo Showcase 2007 and help you understand how you can effectively demonstrate to your customers, a collection of integrated technology solutions that can be used to address specific pain points and solve their business needs...

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