Making the case for Windows Vista Enterprise Edition (and other security technologies)

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There's an interesting article in the Guardian entitled Watchdog seeks an end to 'horror' of personal data security leaks

In it the information commissioner, Richard Thomas, says "How can laptops holding details of customer accounts be used away from the office without strong encryption?"

Well Bitlocker may have helped there.

Or maybe the Encrypting File System.

Or the Windows Rights Management Service.

For the UK, police forces figures from 2005 show that over 34,000 laptops, almost 100 per day, are reported stolen each year, and almost 72000 computers are stolen each year in the UK.

That's about a PC every 8 minutes.

There's plenty of options for making sure that data is kept as secure as possible - maybe now is the time to start talking to your customers about it?

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