It’s a big game this weekend .. .. ..

I'm still deciding which Birmingham match should be my daughters first introduction to the beautiful game of football – the obvious one would be Cardiff this weekend. It's the in-laws team, and they're also challenging us for promotion to the Premiership. And their captain is an ex-Blues player. And their manager used to manage the dingles down the road.

However it's an 11:30 kick off. On a Sunday (who's clever idea was it to schedule a match for that time?). And let's face it, a few Cardiff fans have a bit of a reputation.

Anyway, if anyone has taken their toddler to a match I'd be interested to know what their experience was -

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  1. A concerned parent says:


    How could such a loving parent comdemn their child to a lifetime of misery and suffering as another bluenose.  

    See the future, it’s claret and blue. :o)

  2. Graham Underwood says:

    Hi John

    I took my son to Derby County when he was about 5. Generally he enjoyed it but did get a bit concerned when the screaming and swearing started. Make sure you sit in a family enclosure or "family friendly stand" – certainly in the early years.

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