Instant Messaging on your mobile – what a whacky idea

Well a customer said something similar to me about a week ago – but to be honest, he was far less polite in his opinion. 🙂

A few weeks ago I blogged about the Office Communicator Mobile client which runs on Windows Powered mobile devices.

Was this guy right when he said it probably was one of the stupid ideas ever? After all, if I’ve got my mobile phone then surely people can just ring me.

Well one of the most important things the client gives you is presence information. Today we live in a world where we have a multitude of communication devices – which one is the best one to contact me on? Well with presence information you can make that informed choice and maybe not waste ten minutes trying to track someone down.

What about if you’re in an environment where there’s lots of noise? Tried to have a conversation in an airport, train station or factory? It’s pretty difficult to have a phone conversation with someone, but pretty easy to have an instant messaging conversation with them.

And finally, ever been on a train and overheard someone talking about their latest big deal? Some conversations should remain confidential and Instant Messaging is a great way to have that kind of conversation amd get instant feedback.

If you’ve got any other users let me know.


Comments (2)

  1. Mantvydas says:

    What kind of instant messengers are you speaking about?

    Text only instant messengers are counting their days, and remain for kids to text each other. Skype, Google Talk alikes (I hope Windows Live Messenger with voice just as well) are here and more is coming. They will allow to talk over UMTS mobile provider networks between countries for a fixed fee of the internet connection. Why talk over mobile and pay per minute, when you can talk through internet for a fixed fee.

  2. Hi Mantvydas, I’m on about  instant messaging similar to that used in Live Communications Server, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Yahoo messenger, Lotus Sametime etc

    Hope this clarifies it for you.

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