Why sell OneNote?

Well I suppose the first question is “What is OneNote?” – Well from  the OneNote home page :-

“Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 is an easy-to-use note-taking program in the Microsoft Office System. OneNote provides a single place to electronically capture, organize, reuse, and share notes on a laptop or desktop computer, or on a Tablet PC (Tablet PC: A computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. With a Tablet PC, you can write directly on the screen by using a tablet pen and use the pen to perform mouse functions. Also known as a tablet computer.). You can use OneNote to take detailed notes or simply jot down thoughts, ideas, and reminders wherever you are — at your desk, in meetings or classes, while attending lectures and presentations, or during interviews and phone conferences.”

Who doesn’t take notes? And no, you don’t need a Tabel PC to use it. For more information watch the overview.

For partners it’s great because it’s

Easy to sell and deploy

Integration with the rest of the Office System leads to potential pull through of other products (WSS, Office etc)

New and innovative to talk about (What better way to demonstrate it than to use it yourself in your next customer meeting?)

Questions you should be asking your customers are things like

  • Are your employees inundated with information - from meetings, conference calls, brainstorming sessions and research? How do they make sense of it all?
  • Do your employees have the information they need, but feel it’s so disorganised in many different locations, like in e-mail and paper notebooks, that it is difficult to make use intelligent use of the information?
  • Do your dispersed teams have difficulty collaborating effectively?

We’ve got some great case studies as well in sectors like Architects, Construction, Consulting, Education , Engineering, Legal, Marketing, Media and Sales. Some examples are

Legal:– Completed short projects 27 percent faster, gets up to speed on new cases 18 percent faster, in part by decreasing time to organize notes by 54 percent and improving document turnaround time by 15 percent.

Construction:– Decreased time lag between approvals by 37 percent, and increased project productivity by 10.7 percent.

Engineering:– Improved client satisfaction, increased sales close rates by 50 percent, and improved operational efficiency by 30 percent.

There’s some great customer resources available as well like :-

Additional Info:

TechNet Webcast: Managing the Unstructured Information in Your Company with OneNote 2003 (Level 100)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 - 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Pacific Time

Scott Rockfeld, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Much of the information in many organizations is unstructured: generated by meetings, research, brainstorming sessions, conference calls, or e-mail messages. How do you manage this information? Information workers are typically bombarded by unstructured information, making it difficult for them to obtain any real value from it. In addition, most of it is not retained in the event that an employee leaves the company. In this webcast, learn how you can use Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 to manage your organization’s unstructured information more effectively. In addition, learn how OneNote 2003 can help employees to collaborate more efficiently and make better use of the information that they collect.


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