Exchange Server Sizes

I often get to hear some “interesting” stories about sizes of peoples mailboxes but nothing comes close to some of the things that were posted in response to Ewans Post on the Exchange Teams Blog last year.

Some of the highlights are customers with :-

250,000 users per server and 9,000,000 in total;

365 day deleted item retention time;

1.2TB Mailbox store for 1,500 users;

Largest Mailbox Size – just under 30GB;

1,500,000 Public Folders with 8TB Data;

1.4TB Public Information Store.

As Ewan points out “Now, it’s possible to buy even mid-range servers that will cope with many thousands of users, and the bottleneck has moved down to the storage level in many instances as user mailboxes have grown in size and we send and receive far more mail, and many larger messages too.”




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