Microsoft Announces New Application and Messaging Migration Tools for Lotus Notes/Domino Customers

Well it looks like we have a whole raft of tools coming out according to this press release . I blogged about the BETA version of the application analyser earlier. If you have a play with it, please take into account that it is BETA software and isn't ready for production use yet.

Just as an update to this, the analyser has a current limit of 1,000 databases per run. I believe this is is due to an issue on Domino 6 Server "Out of Private Handles' message on Domino 6 server reports a maximum of 18171" - More info can be found



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  1. Wild Bill says:

    Ah – I suspect as I’ve written Lotus Notes tools myself for the last 15 years – that the 1,000 database limit is not to do with a Lotus Notes limitation…

    My scanning tools – which perform application code analysis- routinely ran over 15,000 databases at a time…

    —* Bill

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