Copying Mail Messages to SharePoint document libraries

One feature I always get asked about is if there is an easy way move mail messages from Outlook to a SharePoint document library.

Well now there is – Trinity Expert Systems have written a free utility which allows you do to this and it’s available at

“Trinity's SharePoint and Outlook integration tool forms an integral part of Outlook and allows an easy 'drag and drop' action to copy or move specific emails to document libraries within a SharePoint Portal Server intranet.

The tool allows users to share information contained within an email across an organisation.  This improves collaboration and reduces reliance on an individual's knowledge.”

Comments (1)

  1. Paul Seligman says:

    what is wrong with opening the outlok mnessage, then choose file-save as – change type to msg, if required – and save to chosen Sp location? Why do you need anything else.

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