Event: Web Accessibility Seminar – London 22nd January

Microsoft UK and HiSoftware are co-hosting on January 22nd at the Microsoft Cardinal Place Offices in London. This event is a follow up to a series of Web Accessibility Dialogues that Microsoft and HiSoftware have been sponsoring across Europe throughout the past year. Agenda 10:00 – 10:30     Registration 10:30 – 10:45     Welcome and…


White Papers: Accessibility in MOSS

Two accessibility white papers on TechNet:   Deliver accessible solutions by using Office SharePoint Server (white paper) Best practices for developing accessible Web sites (white paper)   Together, these resources contain excellent information and guidelines about the issues that organizations face when delivering Web solutions, as well as best practices for developing such solutions. The…


EVENT: Accessibility kit Update for SharePoint partners.

Event details click here   The late afternoon event is specifically on the Accessibility kit for SharePoint and is geared for partners.   Details are as follows: 10 April 2008 15:30 – 10 April 2008 17:00 GMT, London , Cardinal PlaceWelcome Time: 15:00   Agenda:Peter King – SharePoint Technologies, UK Mark Harrison, Microsoft UK -…


EVENT – UK Web Accessibility Dialogue- Practical Strategies for an Accessible Web – 10th April

  Register Online – Click Here Event ID: 1032374327  10 April 2008 09:00 – 3pm Cardinal Place, London Language(s): English. Product(s): Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Audience(s): Architect, Business Decision Maker, Business PC User, Developer, Government, Home PC User, IT Professionals, Partner, Student and Technology Decision Maker. Event Overview Agenda: Session 1:  A Dialogue on…


Pre-Announcing the "Accessibility Kit for SharePoint" (AKS)

  For more information about the Accessibility kit I highly recommend reading The Official Blog for the SharePoint Product Group which offers lots of information about the background, the overview, the approach and the deliverables of this kit. Click HERE for the link to the blog post.