Customer: Office 365 Useful Links

Overview Office 365 TEI Forrester Study. Office 365 Buyers Guide Here is a link to our WhyMicrosoft site. Office 365 Case Studies Procurement Office 365 Portal Purchase cost estimator tool as you select components it will help identify if a suite is more cost effective. Office 365 Purchase and Support…


Customer: Office 365 End User Training

Office 365 Overview Outlook Web App videos – Lync – SharePoint –


Office 365: The Best Productivity Solutions – Now in Public Beta

Seriously Exciting STUFFFFFFFFF!!! Following a highly successful Limited Beta program, Office 365 is now available for everyone to try. The public beta delivers free access to our next-generation cloud productivity service – for businesses of all sizes – until we officially launch the service later this year. Demand for Office 365 is high. Since we…


First Look: Office 14 for Web

Office 14 is the code name for the next version of the Office System Wave of products. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the Office applications worked online, cross-browser from anywhere with AJAX and/or Silverlight? Or maybe even from your cellphone? What would be even better is if they had real time collaboration, integrating the rich…