Retail Customer Reference: Coles signs up for 100,000 Office 365 SharePoint Online Seats


Coles will roll out Microsoft Office 365 to its 100,000 employees throughout Australia, the grocery store said.

Coles plans to deploy Microsoft SharePoint Online, giving employees 24/7 access to the Coles portal through any Web-enabled device. The company aims to remove communication barriers across its staff, it said.

The portal automates functions that previously required employees to be on-site including holiday requests and approvals, Coles said. It provides anytime access to pay slips, rosters, holiday calendars, team member special offers, training, blogs and corporate social networking, it said.

“Office 365 will provide our employees with a digital identity with security protection that gives them the ability to create and share ideas and learnings in a less structured way wherever they choose,” said Coles IT group general manager, Conrad Harvey.

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