Plan for your Office 365 transition from BPOS

The Microsoft Online Services blog has just released an update guiding you through what you need to be aware of during the transition period from moving from BPOS to Office 365.

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Quick Snippet below:

Recommendation #1: Download the transition guide

You can download the guide at any time.

Recommendation #2: Watch the Office 365 transition video

This video explains the overall transition process to Office 365—the future of collaboration, communications and online productivity.

Recommendation #3: Keep your team informed - create a distribution list
The best way to keep your team updated about the transition is to generate a distribution list for all the key technical contacts in your organization.

Recommendation #4: Be sure you know the Office 365 system requirements

Depending on your current desktop configuration, updates may be required to enable some of the Office 365 features. Check out the system requirements for more information on features such as synchronization of on-premises mailboxes and Active Directory, configuration services for Single Sign-On, and re-delegation for your email domain (MX Record) to enable email.

Recommendation #5: Always stay up to date
The transition center web site at is the place to learn anything and everything about the transition process. Do you have questions still? Join the conversation in the transition forum.

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