Partner Opportunity for BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite.)

How can partners look to make money from BPOS?


There are a number of ways that partners can look to make money from BPOS. Three examples include:

1)      Software referral fee.

2)      Traditional services for data migration, implementation and design.

3)      Developing applications that can connect to BPOS via a web service.


This document is a Microsoft guide that outlines how you can maximise revenues with software plus services.



What type of partner would be interested in BPOS for these three investment areas?


1)      All partners can sign up to receive a referral fee

2)      Microsoft partners that may wish to offer these services include Value Added Resellers, ISV’s and System Integrator’s

3)      Microsoft partners that are well equipped for developing applications include Web Agencies, Value Added Resellers, Custom Development partners and Independent Software Vendors. Traditional System Integrator’s may also be interested in getting involved if they have a skilled development team.



How can partners create ISV/VAR applications that connect to BPOS?


Microsoft is looking for partners to create loosely coupled solutions that integrate with BPOS via a web service.

Examples of loosely coupled solutions can be found here


There are a variety of different options available for connecting to BPOS. These may include web service connections from hosted SaaS environments or on-premise solutions.


Developers guide can be found here SharePoint Online Developer’s Guide for:

        Customiation capabilities and limitations

        Custom templates, master pages, style sheets

        Using Data Form Web Parts

        The 20 site admin templates of the fantastic forty that are tested to work with SharePoint Online

        List of supported and unsupported SharePoint Online web services

        Integrating Microsoft Silverlight with SharePoint Online

        No-code Workflows using SharePoint Designer

        Code examples and scenarios as appropriate



The simple 3 step guide for partners interested in developing applications for BPOS is:


Step 1:

Click Community tab on

Step 2:

Click on the Partner Solutions Showcase Program (PSSP) logo on the right

Step 3:

Fill out and submit questionnaire with supporting information

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