ISV BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) Examples




HR-in-a-box: ThoughtBridge developed a "HR-in-a-box" solution for OHC that uses SharePoint Online Web services, workflows, and Exchange Online and integrates through a proprietary framework with their hosted and on-premises line-of-business applications to provide information publicly on the Web.


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Sales library integrated within MS Word: Neudesic designed Document Canvas, a custom add-in for Microsoft Office Word, that integrates with Business Productivity Online Suite. SharePoint Online is used to host an online library of approved and versioned document fragments, and geographically distributed sales team in remote offices can work in Microsoft Word and access these online pieces of documents to quickly stitch together complete, pre-approved corporate documents.


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Contract approval workflow application: PointBridge was hired to build a custom multi-step, multi-role contract approval workflow on top of the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite using SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. They integrated Microsoft Word with SharePoint Online to transfer metadata from Word documents into SharePoint Online to manage complex workflows.


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Project Management: Sonata Software collaborated with Aquent to design WorXpace, a customized solution that enhances the Business Productivity Online Suite to provide Aquent end-to-end visibility of all aspects of their projects. Solution features included collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, a document store, project health dashboards, exception alerts, approval workflows, and audit reports to automate the company's entire project management process.


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