IW Partner Learning Centre Courses


1.      2007 Microsoft Office System Core Training: This two day technical course explores the core of the 2007 Microsoft Office System. Students will interact with the client-side technologies that drive information worker productivity locally and the server-side components that extend productivity to teams, divisions, and partners. For more details and to enroll, click here: www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/readiness/2007OfficeCore  


2.      2007 Microsoft Office System ECM and Forms Workshop: In this one day course you will learn how to use Office SharePoint® Server 2007, SharePoint Designer 2007 and Visual Studio 2005 to customize and extend solutions for the Web site of a fictional company called Litware Incorporated, an enterprise chain of retail tennis gear and apparel store with an online presence. For more details and to enroll, click here: www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/readiness/2007ECM


3.      2007 Microsoft Office System Performance Management Workshop: The goal of this two day training course is to give you an in-depth look and hands-on experience of the capabilities of both ProClarity and Business Scorecard Manager. you will explore how both of these technologies to provide a unified solution that address BI challenges, including the need to help businesses effectively communicate and analyze performance. For more information and to enroll, click here: www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/readiness/2007PerfManagement  


4.      2007 Microsoft Office System Portals and Collaboration Workshop: This course utilizes new and improved features for Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2007. With the practical application of these new features, attendees will be able to see a portal site implemented post-installation to production. For more information and to enroll, click here: www.microsoft.com/uk/partner/readiness/2007Portals

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