What is Knowledge Network?



Knowledge Network (KN) is a free add-on for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 that exposes information that can be used for social networking. The tool enables you to learn "who knows whom" and "who knows what" within your organisation.


By using KN, you could make better decisions faster by identifying new contacts and sources of expertise.


KN automates the discovery and sharing of previously undocumented information by harvesting key contacts and keywords from the e-mail exchanges of everyone in the network, and regularly updates the information to keep it relevant.


Each member of KN controls which information they share with others in the network, so personal information stays private.



Once you have installed Knowledge Network on the client, it is very easy to select what information you would like to be analysed in your Outlook folders and IM Contact list.






Once you have updated your information to the server, it is then very easy to update your profile manually or it will be handled automatically for you every 15 days.


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