I had a go with an M4…



Well, it's be a long time since my last blog..


I'm now back again with "hopefully" some interesting articles.


In my time away from blogging I have been up to some pretty interesting things.


I think one of my favourite adventures was my trip to Seattle last weekend. The aim of the trip was a Microsoft 15 year anniversary party for all the old timers 🙂   (I was a guest I might add)


Whilst out in Seattle I took the opportunity to go back to Wades Indoor Gun Range  which I visited in February for my first go at shooting. Whilst I was there I had a go with a Gloch 9mm and a Smith and Western Revolver. After that I decided that something a little bigger was called for, so I asked for one of the rifles they had up on the wall. As I did I bumped into Chad, he was the guy that taught me to shoot in February and in fact works for Microsoft in Seattle in the PTS team. He turned round and said

"nahh you don't want to shoot that!" - "Here, have a go with my gun"

and he pulls out his very sexy black M4. I've attached a photo of one similar below in case you haven't seen it before. His had been modified slightly and also had an eye piece.



I was a little scared to be honest but we went round to the training area and I had a go. AWESOME!!! It was so much fun, I even shot it with extreme accuracy as well. I can see why this weapon is banned in most countries.


Just to top off my weekend in Seattle I also got to have my photo taken with Mr Ballmer himself. Okay I know it's no big deal to most people and does appear some what cheesy but I was proud.






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