Accessibility in Vista


A good friend and colleague of mine; James Senior recently posted an article about the new accessibility features in Vista. His approach to the subject matter made for an outstanding read and certainly wins my vote for 'fab blog of the month'.

He examines behind the scenes of Vista be interviewing another colleague and good friend of mine Saqib Shaikh who can often run into accessibility problems due to the fact he is blind.

James drills into the pros and cons that Saqib is expecting in the new release of Microsoft’s next operating system - Windows Vista and talks in detail about Partner opportunities that could arise from designing new screen readers.

His fun style of writing steps you through the full interview as he wines and dines Saqib in a pleasant Paris restaurant. The story highlights some very interesting aspects about accessibility opportunities that I certainly hadn’t given any thought to.

Great job James and nice to hear your view Saqib

To read the article click here.


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