About Me


Thanks for checking out my blog. My name's James and I'm the UK SMB Partner Technology Strategist. The purpose of this blog is to capture all the useful information I collect day-to-day to make it easier to share with you.

I've been at Microsoft since 2010 and in that time I've been involved with loads of interesting technology from our education cloud productivity platform Live@edu and the launch of Office 365 all the way through to helping to launch Windows 10 in the UK back in summer 2015.

I'm hugely passionate about technology, and am always interested to learn about the latest developments and how they can benefit Microsoft's customers. I also like to tinker with gadgets, am fascinated by electronics and enjoy some time in front of my Xbox. You can find me on most big social media sites as jamesbmarshall - I'd love to hear from you!

All the best,

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