So Cool…Windows Intune

This week I’m attending the TechReady conference.   For those of you who have never heard of TechReady (which is probably 99.999+% of you), it is an internal version of the Microsoft TechEd conference.

Here on Day 1 I’ve seen some interesting things about Windows Phone 7, and I think I’ve found my next favorite thing…Windows Intune!!!!!   Checkout the homepage for Windows Intune at for additional information about the product, and to sign-up for the beta.   Just about every one of the customers that I’ve visited over the past year or so could have benefited from Intune.

As with everything else at TechReady, it is up to the appropriate Product Groups to release information about their particular product, so you won’t get any secrets from me.   But if I see something cool this week, I’ll post links to the public information here.

In addition to some sessions on Windows Phone and Intune, I’m also going to be attending sessions on Hyper-V (W2K8, W2K8 R2, and what is coming in W2K8 R2 SP1), as well as DirectAccess (both with & w/o using UAG).   More to come later in the week…

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