Some Cool technologies I deal with…

OK, so while I've mentioned a bit of what I do, I should mention the sorts of technologies that I help customers with.   First and foremost, I work with the Windows operating systems and Active Directory.   Much of my focus is Active Directory and all the things it depends on (networking, name resolution, etc.).   I also do work with other core OS components and look at things like memory and such.    Aside from that, I enjoy helping customers with virus infections, WSUS, and Virtual Server.    


I'm really looking forward to Forefront Client Security, WSUS 3.0, and multiple things coming up in Longhorn Server.    Things I'm looking forward to in LH Server include TS Gateway, Windows Virtualization, Read Only DCs, Server Core, and a few other AD related improvements.


Other future blog postings will likely discuss some of the following:   Travel tips, specifics on these tech topics, interesting things I run into while onsite, Thomas the Tank Engine (my son's favorite), life in Bonney Lake, or whatever else comes to mind.   If you have any suggestions, please post a comment.

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