Do you get the error: "You must provision the system with at least one system administrator" while installing SQL 2008 through command line?

Issue Details

While installing SQL 2008 through command line, you may get this as the part of the error:

“You must provision the system with at least one system administrator”

I tried to find out the possible cause, but did not find any. Also I looked into this technet article: [How to: Install SQL Server 2008 from the Command Prompt] but did not find any information regarding the issue.

What is the cause?

The main cause for the error message was missing of this parameter in the command line used: ‘/ASSysAdminAccounts’

If you add the parameter without any value, then you will get this error:

 [because this is what the above said article mentioned:

Analysis Services /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS Required   Specifies the administrator credentials for Analysis Services.]

The following error occurred:
The element ‘ASSysAdminAccounts’ in namespace ‘’ has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: ‘Member’ in namespace ‘’.

How to resolve this error?

In order to resolve that error, provide an user name for /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS parameter – for example:


Given below a sample command line to install SQL engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Tools in quite mode:

Setup.exe  /QS  /ACTION=Install /FEATURES=SQL,AS,IS,Tools /INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER /SQLSVCACCOUNT=”<Domain\Username>” /SQLSVCPASSWORD=”<password>” /SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS=”<Domain\Username>” /AGTSVCACCOUNT=”<Domain\Username>” /AGTSVCPASSWORD=”<password>” /ASSVCACCOUNT=”<Domain\Username>” /ASSVCPASSWORD=”<password>” /RSSVCACCOUNT=”<Domain\Username>” /RSSVCPASSWORD=”<password>” /ISSVCACCOUNT=”<Domain\Username>” /ISSVCPASSWORD=”<password>” /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS=”<Domain\Username>”

Hope this information is helpful.

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  1. Emre says:

    This is very helpful. Thanks for your helping.

  2. VCube says:

    Very nice resolution and very precise. Thanks.

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