Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) has been designed specifically to help meet the challenges of any business and the needs of all the different groups with a stake in the messaging system. Exchange Server 2007 SP2 is a mission-critical communications tool that enables employees to be more productive and access their information…


Determining the Scalability of Combined CAS and Hub Roles in Exchange 2007

Bill Thompson has written a great whitepaper on considerations for Exchange 2007 servers running both the CAS and Hub roles. This white paper provides information about the scalability of computers running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with the Client Access server role and the Hub Transport server role installed on the same server. It also provides…


Do You Really Need A SAN Anymore?

I have had many interesting conversations about my post on Advantages of DAS over SAN storage in Exchange 2007 and the related session I delivered at Tech.Ed 2008… many sceptics have seen the light, although some remain sceptical. It’s interesting to see that Forrester have published a paper titled “Do You Really Need A SAN…


Exchange 2007 SP1 Virtualisation and Licensing Announcements

Two big announcements for Exchange 2007 SP1: Microsoft now supports Exchange Server 2007 SP1 running on Hyper-V or other hypervisors validated under the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). Microsoft is waiving its 90-day license reassignment policy to enable customers who virtualise Exchange to move their licenses between servers within a data farm as often…


Hyper-V is here.. what about Exchange?

In case you haven’t heard the news, we have released Hyper-V into the wild.  In fact did you know that 25% of is already running on Hyper-V VMs? So what about Exchange Server? As we recently announced at Tech.Ed USA, Microsoft will be publishing a support statement with respect to Exchange Server on Hyper-V…


Advantages of DAS over SAN storage in Exchange 2007

You may have heard me talk about this at TechEd, and some of my customers will recall long discussions with me about the merits of using Direct Attached Storage rather than SANs in Exchange 2007. Storage Area Networks (SAN) have become increasingly common in Enterprise environments in recent years, and in particular for hosting Exchange…


Client network traffic in Exchange 2007

We’ve had a whitepaper available for some time that allows you to work out the bandwidth and network requirements for clients running Outlook/Exchange 2003. Great news is that we now have updated guidance for Outlook/Exchange 2007 – it is available at Share this post :  IM me! Technorati Tags: exchange 2007, outlook, bandwidth, network


A brief history of time

From You Had Me At EHLO… Ever wondered how Exchange Server evolved over the years? And how come Exchange Server 2007 shows “8.0” as its version number? Here is a brief history of time… it might add a bit to the known history! Technorati Tags: exchange 2007, history, exchange12rocks


Video: demo of upgrading a CCR cluster from Exchange 2007 RTM to SP1

From You Had Me At EHLO… To demonstrate upgrading a CCR cluster from Exchange 2007 RTM to SP1, I have created a video demo that takes you through the process of upgrading the passive node followed by upgrading the CMS to SP1 and finally upgrading the active node. This demo also demonstrates “Managing Clustered Mailbox…