Microsoft and Telstra strategic alliance

You may have heard today’s announcement regarding the alliance between Microsoft and Telstra.

What does this mean for Unified Comms?

  • Hosted business applications: through Telstra's T Suite portal, it is contemplated that businesses will have access to Microsoft Online Services (e.g. Exchange, LiveMeeting), which will be hosted by Microsoft in the cloud and delivered as a subscription service.
  • Mobile services and devices: an all-in-one mobile email, calendar, contacts, web browser, business software and phone solution including security features, automatic software upgrades, support and data plan is envisaged. Advanced mobile phone fleet management and a new user-interface developed by Telstra giving users one-click access to their frequently used business applications on Windows Mobile phones is contemplated.
  • Unified Communications & VoIP: Integrating Telstra's premium hosted IP Telephony service (TIPT) with Microsoft Office applications, including Office Communicator, creating a set of solutions that makes it easier to control the way businesses communicate.

Read Telstra’s press release here, ZDNet’s coverage here, and Gizmodo’s thoughts here.

Comments (2)

  1. jkruse says:

    Hi Rob,

    I appreciate the feedback and understand your concerns here.  While the announcements between Microsoft & Telstra are large and will have an impact on the local S+S market, the effect on partners isn’t very different to the global announcements around Microsoft Online Services and how they are affecting partners overseas.  My view is that there is still a large opportunity for partners to be involved and offer capabilities that are not available with Online Services.

    Online Services can be combined with partner solutions, and there are huge opportunities around customisation etc that can only be provided by partners as Online Services is very much a standard offering.

    If you want more information about these opportunities it might be worthwhile posting a question to Nick Mayhew who is directly involved in working with partners around this alliance – he can be contacted via his blog at, and he has a FAQ for partners at



  2. Rob Prideaux says:

    Why doesn’t Microsoft just declare war outright on all it’s small business partners?

    This huge duopoly, regardless of it’s performance, will be able to use the public perception of a "safe" megalith to force out near everbody in the/trying to establish a  SaS/Hosting business.

    Being a Microsoft Partner, seems to be the ultimate form of masochism…

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