TechNet Vodcast: Communicator softphone/IP phone/mobile phone

Last week I filmed a Vodcast for the TechNet Australia blog demo-ing Office Communicator 2007 in its three variants: Communicator 2007 (softphone), Communicator 2007 Phone Edition (hard phone) and Communicator Mobile (mobile client).

Click below to view the video at Soapbox.

Thanks to Deeps for filming, and for giving me the opportunity to spread the UC love!

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  1. Mark Bedford says:

    Hey Mr Kruse, Mark Bedford here, we worked together for 3 months at NineMSN years ago. Good to see your blog and the video, you haven’t changed a bit 🙂 Im in the VMware consultancy game doing large scale VMware design and implementation work mostly in Sydney. Come check out my blog on and send me an email if you want to say hi,

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