Exchange 2007 limericks

There once was a gal with FiveFive
Her mail system was barely alive
She sat at her desk
And thought “oh what a mess”
I need to upgrade to survive

So she upgraded to E2003
And she experienced some level of glee
Her transport state was a link
And she had active sync
But she was missing that VOIP

She moved quickly to native mode
Required to travel the road
Up to E2007
She was told it was heaven
And 64bit could handle the load

The new design, well it gave her control
Divided now by function and role
Hub and mailbox you see
Edge in the DMZ
A thing called UM and CASserole?

So what is this new CAS role dish?
No not something to do with phish
It serves clients you see
Like IMAP and POP3
And other stuff somewhat nebbish

None of this made her afraid
She proceeded with the upgrade
No longer a zero
She now was a hero
Running everything on a few blades

Most tasks are no longer a chore
Management no longer a bore
You might say “Oh do tell”
It’s the management shell
Which is at simplicity’s core

So get moving, get going today
And let’s see if you too will say
That this is the best version
A joyful excursion
Now go forth and enjoy your frappe!

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