How to add all federated contacts to the OCS address Book?

This Post is all about how to provide the fuctionality to end user of searching a federated contact in your local address book using MOC?

Recently i worked on a case where we have three AD forests with single AD Domain per forest, each AD forest has Exchange 2007 and OCS 2007 with Internet Access, therefore OCS Edge Servers are deployed at each of the organizations. The three OCS 2007 organizations federate with each other through the Internet. The client have IIFP server to synchronize the GAL between the Exchange 2007 organizations, so they have a mail-enable contacts in each forest that represent each user of the other forests. Each Exchange organization has each own SMTP domain, the SIP domain is the same as the SMTP domain at each organization. The question is about functionality, how can we get each OCS Address Book Server to represent every user in the organization?.
The target here is to let every user in the three organizations go to the search contact option in Office Communicator 2007 and to be able to find a user from another forest and of course to be able to communicate with that user via presence, IM, audio, video, LM, etc.

The Work around followed is :

Create the “Contact” with Telephone Number(s) configured Manually set the msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress  ( in Active Directory  Do not use the MMC as the contact will be enabled and enter the database. msRTCSIP-UserEnabled will be “<not set>”  or NULL which is crucial to prevent the user being provisioned in the RTC SQL database proxyAddresses” attribute should contain SIP URI and the users primary SMTP address. ( &  SMTP in upper case is the primary SMTP address.

 After this we can :


  • Locate the remote user in the local Address Book
  • We can right click on the remote user and send IM
  • We can right click the user and send email
  • We can right click the user and make a telephone call
  • We can add the user to my buddy list


Everything works well in my environment and the key is ensuring that msRTCSIP-UserEnabled is NULL.  If this attribute is not NULL, the corresponding contact will be provisioned in the RTC SQL database and this may cause problems. 



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Общие сведения Федеративные отношения ( Federation ) в Office Communications Server – это возможность

  2. Anonymous says:

    Общие сведения Федеративные отношения (Federation) в Office Communications Server – это возможность…

  3. Paul Adams says:

    THANK YOU!  I’ve was working on this and then found your post – saved me a lot of experimenting & testing.



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