A (Comprehensive) FIM 2010 Terminology Document

Greetings from Redmond!

Over the past several months I have been listening to customer feedback around learning and understanding FIM 2010.  As I collected the feedback and talked with customers it is evident that the steep learning curve is not due to the technology as much as it is the language we use.  We use a lot of new words in the product that seem academic at first but turn out to be incredibly important when it comes to operating and troubleshooting FIM 2010.  We have the FIM 2010 Terminology and Glossary however this page does not include terminology we used in the previous versions of the product.  As such, I feel there is an opportunity for us to produce a comprehensive document containing all FIM 2010 terminology.  The file attached is the first attempt at building a comprehensive FIM 2010 terminology document.  The ZIP file contains a WORD document and a PDF file.  The WORD and PDF files contain the same information.

I hope you find the document useful.  Please feel free to send me email if you like it as well as any suggestions for improvement.  I like email and I also like feedback.  Feedback is one step towards helping us make things better and is directly related to our company values.


Jeff Ingalls



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FIM 2010 Terminology 1.0.zip

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