ACS “Event Count” reports

Here are a couple of ACS reports to show the event count by User, Forwarder, and Event ID.  Just import the .rdl files into a folder in SQL Server Reporting Services.   The first report “Event Count Overview” shows the top 10 Events, Forwarders, and User Names for the specified date range:   Click on…


Logical Disk Fragmentation Report

Here’s a simple custom report that shows the fragmentation of each logical disk based on the Logical Disk Fragmentation Monitor in the Windows Server Operating System Management Pack.  The report has a “Fragmentation Percentage Threshold” parameter, and will list any disk whose fragmentation level is higher than the threshold.  The report will also show the…


Unhealthy Monitors Report

I recently put together an “Unhealthy Monitors” report for an OpsMgr Administrator to see which Monitors are causing the most state degradation in the environment.  This report lists all monitors that have objects in an unhealthy state, so we can see which monitors have the most unhealthy objects.  Each monitor can be expanded to see…


Active Alerts Report

  NOTE:  This report uses the Operations Database instead of the Data Warehouse….in order for it to work, you must create an SRS Data Source for the OpsDB…Kevin Holman has instructions for this here. Here’s a simple report to show all current Active Alerts.  Just select the desired Severity, Resolution State, and Time Zone (to…

Alert Count by Hour Report

  Very simple report which shows the number of Alerts generated in each hour of a given day….just select the date and the GMT offset and run it.   Alert count by


ACS Database Dashboard Report

  Here’s a little report that I put together to get a look at what is going on in the ACS Database.  The report will show: Number of Events in the DB Number of days represented in the DB Max Events Per Day Average Events Per Day Partition Count DB Size DB Free Space Top…


Exchange 2007 Mailbox Count Report

  The Exchange 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005 included a Mailbox Count report which was not included in the OpsMgr 2007 version of the Management Pack. I’ve recently taken the MOM 2005 version of this report and converted it to work in OpsMgr 2007.  I had to modify some minor things in the report,…


Group Membership Count Report

  Here’s a quick little report to show the number of objects in each group.  You have the option to select “All Groups” or “Computer Groups”, and can also enter a “Group Filter” to narrow down the list:   Group Membership

Exchange 2003 “Mailboxes” and “Database Sizes” Reports for OpsMgr 2007

  The Exchange 2003 Management Pack for MOM 2005 contains a few reports that are not included in the OpsMgr 2007 version of the Management Pack.  Two of these are the “Exchange Mailboxes” and “Exchange Database Sizes” reports. I’ve recently taken these two reports and converted them to work in OpsMgr 2007.  All I really…


Monitor State Report

  OpsMgr Health Explorer allows you to look at the State of all Monitors for a specific object.  But, what if you want to look at the State of a specific Monitor on ALL objects that it applies to?  For example, I want to see the state of the “SQL Server Windows Service” Monitor on…