Get a list of email addresses used in SCOM notifications

I haven’t blogged in a while, so need to make sure this thing is still on :)  I’ll start with something simple that I used today.  One of my customers is migrating from SCOM 2007 to SCOM 2012 and needs to get a list of all email addresses that are used in Notifications (so he can email them to let them know about the upcoming migration).

Before writing something I did a quick TechNet search and found what I was looking for here.

Here are PowerShell commands that can be used for this in SCOM 2007 and SCOM 2012:

SCOM 2007:

Get-NotificationRecipient | foreach-object {$_.devices | where {$_.protocol -eq "smtp"}} | select name,address

SCOM 2012:

Get-SCOMNotificationSubscriber | foreach-object {$_.devices | where {$_.protocol -eq "smtp"}} | select name,address

Output (if you just want the address list, then just remove “name” from the select list):


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