Logical Disk Fragmentation Report

Here’s a simple custom report that shows the fragmentation of each logical disk based on the Logical Disk Fragmentation Monitor in the Windows Server Operating System Management Pack.  The report has a “Fragmentation Percentage Threshold” parameter, and will list any disk whose fragmentation level is higher than the threshold.  The report will also show the last time the fragmentation monitor changed state.

NOTE: This report uses the Operations Database instead of the Data Warehouse….in order for it to work, you must create an SRS Data Source for the OpsDB…Kevin Holman has instructions for this here.


Logical Disk Fragmentation.rdl

Comments (2)

  1. malcolm says:

    Hi Jimmy, I See that Logical Disk Fragmentation is available in the Base OS MP (2003 & 2008), Isnt there a report available to check the value instanty?



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