ACS Database Dashboard Report


Here’s a little report that I put together to get a look at what is going on in the ACS Database.  The report will show:

  • Number of Events in the DB
  • Number of days represented in the DB
  • Max Events Per Day
  • Average Events Per Day
  • Partition Count
  • DB Size
  • DB Free Space
  • Top 10 Events
  • Event Count By Day


Here’s a screenshot of the report….no parameters, just run it (it may take a while to run on a large ACS database)



I’ve also included another report that will show the general ACS configuration settings, details of each partition, and a list of forwarders…not super useful, but could help in troubleshooting/verifying database grooming.


ACS Database

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  1. J Harper says:

    Can you log on to the report server and run the report?  That should give you a more detailed error message….otherwise you'll need to look at the report server logs to see the error.

  2. Andre Durval says:

    I can´t use ACS Database Dashboard. When I run, display the following error:

    An error has occurred during report processing.

    Query execution failed for data set 'Event_Count_Per_Day'.

    For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

    Somebody could help me ?

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