ACS Database Dashboard Report


Here’s a little report that I put together to get a look at what is going on in the ACS Database.  The report will show:

  • Number of Events in the DB
  • Number of days represented in the DB
  • Max Events Per Day
  • Average Events Per Day
  • Partition Count
  • DB Size
  • DB Free Space
  • Top 10 Events
  • Event Count By Day


Here’s a screenshot of the report….no parameters, just run it (it may take a while to run on a large ACS database)



I’ve also included another report that will show the general ACS configuration settings, details of each partition, and a list of forwarders…not super useful, but could help in troubleshooting/verifying database grooming.


ACS Database

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  1. J Harper says:

    Can you log on to the report server and run the report?  That should give you a more detailed error message….otherwise you'll need to look at the report server logs to see the error.

  2. why don’t you also use my partitions query with the SIZE or partitions…/audit-collection-services-database-partitions-size-report ?

  3. Andre Durval says:

    I can´t use ACS Database Dashboard. When I run, display the following error:

    An error has occurred during report processing.

    Query execution failed for data set 'Event_Count_Per_Day'.

    For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

    Somebody could help me ?

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