Sample Queries and Reports from my MMS Session

Here are the reports and queries that I used in the demos of my “Writing Basic Custom Reports for Operations Manager” session at MMS 2010.


**I’ve updated the Alert Dashboard report to correct a problem with the Alert Priority/Severity pie charts.


Here are the descriptions of each file included:


This is the Management Pack that contains all of the reports listed below.


Sample Reports:

This report allows the user to select a singe Performance Counter to report on.  The user can find the counter based on Management Pack, Rule, Object, Counter, and Instance.  The user can also select the computers to report on, based on group membership.




This report shows the following information about Alerts within a user-specified time range:

  • Pie charts showing alert count by Severity and Priority
  • Line charts showing Top 10 Alerts, Top 10 Management Packs generating alerts, and Top 10 Computers generating alerts
  • Pie/Line charts showing Alert logging latency



This report displays a basic table with Computer Name, Alert Name, Date/Time, and Repeat Count.  The user selects a date range and the computers to report on, based on group membership



This report displays a table showing error events for specified computers.  The user selects a date range and the computers to report on, based on group membership



Same data as the above report, but this one groups by Computer Name and Event ID/Source to make the report cleaner.



This report shows a line chart of the %Processor Time counter for selected Computers.



Same as above, but the data is in a table instead of a chart.



Sample Queries

This query gets a list of groups currently in OpsMgr.  It will only return groups that contain objects (empty groups are not listed)


This query gets a list of objects in a group, then returns the Computer Name for each object.  The query requires the ManagedEntityRowId for the group as a parameter (passed by the above GroupList query).


This is the basic query used for the Sample Alert Report, but does not contain any parameters…it just gets data for ALL alerts


This is the query used for the Sample Alert Report, with Computer and Date Range parameters


This is the query used in the above Event Reports.


This is the query used in the above Performance Reports


Thanks to everyone who came to my session.

Comments (6)

  1. J Harper says:

    Does the error give any additional details?  If not, run this query against the DW (you can replace the dates if needed) and see if it works:

    select Severity=

    CASE a.Severity

    WHEN 0 then 'Informational'

    WHEN 1 THEN 'Warning'

    WHEN 2 THEN 'Critical'


    ,Count(*) as count

    from Alert.vAlert a

    where RaisedDateTime between '10/1/2010' and '10/10/2010'

    Group by a.Severity

  2. J Harper says:

    Creating a date/time control like the one in the built-in reports isn't easy, but you could hard code something like this in a custom report…just set the default end date to "=Today" and the default start date to "=Today.AddDays(-7)"

  3. LayneR says:

    Thanks Jimmy, I missed MMS this year, but these are great, keep them coming.  😉

  4. LayneR says:

    Jimmy, is there any way to have start and end dates similar to what other SCOM reports provide?  For example, to choose a start date of today minus 1 week and end date of today.  That way the reports could be scheduled.  I'm not sure how to schedule these without the advanced

  5. error while running Alert.Dashboard.rdl says:


    iam getting error " query execution failed for data set 'Alert Severity'. All other reports are working fine. Can you please help me.

    thank you.

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