AD Trust Monitor doesn’t reset to Healthy State

The Active Directory Management Pack (ADMP) – version 6.0.6452.0 – contains a monitor named “AD Trust Monitoring”.  This monitor runs a VBScript which queries WMI to get the status of the Domain Trusts on the Domain Controller.  Is the trust has an error status, the Monitor should change to a critical state, when the error status goes away, it should change back to a Healthy State:



The problem is that, with default settings, once the Monitor goes into a Critical state, it will not change back to a Healthy state once the Trust problem is resolved.  This is due to a bug in the script, where the value that is used to set the “Good” state is dependent on an override being set.  Without getting into the details, just know that the only way to get the Monitor to work properly (so that state is changed from Critical to Healthy when a Trust problem is resolved), is to set the “LogSuccessEvent” override to “True”:



Setting this Override will also cause the script to log an event to the OpsMgr Event Log every time it completes successfully.

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  1. J Harper says:

    Are you sure you’re looking at the same Monitor?  Can you email a screen shot?

  2. Matt says:

    This worked like a charm!  I had been trying to resolve for days.

  3. Martin (Norway) says:

    Thanks, it did the trick for me.


  4. Håkon Røsberg says:

    I can’t find that parameter. I find all the other parameters in the picture.

  5. Hancor says:

    Thanks very much. This info was the last piece of the puzzle for me to have my AD in healthy state.

  6. ML49448 says:

    Just adding to the thanks here, this has been driving me crazy for a couple days!! Nice to see them all healthy again. Cheers!!

  7. sp333 says:

    Thank you very much.  This has helped me tremendously

  8. AK says:

    Nice. Cleared up some of my alerts.

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