PKI and Certificate Management Information in Windows Server 2003

While on the subject of Certificates/Encryption/IPSec/PKI in general yesterday, I was looking around for some good information on how PKI works to post up. One white paper which stuck-out from the pile was published in December last year (so it’s reasonably up to date) by David B. Cross and Avi Ben-Menahem entitled “Key Archival and…


Group Policy – Tips Tricks and Best Practices

Following my session in Birmingham on 13th January, here’s a list of the references I referred to. Apologies to all for the delay in posting this. Firstly, Jeremy Moskowitz’s excellent book “Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror for Windows 2003, 2000 and Windows XP” can be found on Amazon. 1 Redirecting the Users and Computers Containers…


Windows Task Manager – Alternate View

This is one of those small almost unheard of “things you can do in Windows” tips.The left image below is a “normal” Windows Task Manager screen shot.If you double-click anywhere in the graphical part of the tab, it changes appearance to the screen on the right. Click image to enlarge. You can also do this…


ActiveSync 3.8 Download – new release now available

ActiveSync 3.8 is now available for download Of course, the official download page doesn’t say anything about being supported under Windows Server 2003 (my main laptop OS), but it does work without any of the workarounds such as those I blogged about last month on an RTM build. At least it does quite happily sync…


Do I have local admin rights? Find out how in three mouse clicks (or two keys plus a mouse click)….

I use this quick-tip frequently to determine if I’m a local administrator. The trouble with some tips is that you just know them, they’re so simple so you don’t bother to tell people as you’re under the assumption they “must have known that”. This exact circumstance happened today in the office when a colleague was having…


Scripting Guys Webcast Week 2 – 24th January 2005

The scripting guys did a great job with a series of webcasts under the banner of “Scripting Week 1” earlier this year. They  included topics such as “WMI is not a Four-Letter Word” and “Scripting Files and Folders Makes Me Happy”. The week 1 webcasts are archived and available for viewing here. The really good…


Group Policy Webcast series

Matt Hester recently finished a great series of 14 webcasts about the ins and outs of Group Policy. If you missed these the first time round, or just want to know more about group policy, they’re available for re-run on the Microsoft Technet site.


Blogcasts – surely a typo I hear you say.

No, it’s not a typo! A “blogcast” is probably a new term to you as it’s been made up by the IT Pro Evangelism team in the UK (not quite true, but it’s nice to think we got there first). A blogcast in this context is a webcast delivered through blogs. So what’s new about that I…


Windows 2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration

Although published a few years ago, one of the most useful books I keep coming back to is “Windows 2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration” by Thomas Eck. As an IT Professional with a development background, this book has proved invaluable time and time again. Even with no development background, it never hurts to have…


New windows not opening in IE? Use the Knowledge Base – it knows a lot of stuff!

Internet Explorer on my test Windows Server 2003 box has been playing up for a couple of days – every time I clicked a link which opened a new window, I got a blank window with nothing in the address bar. Annoying, but sometimes you don’t have time to sort it out, so you end…