Cleartype Tuner

One of these always useful links to have – I just changed to a new laptop a couple of weeks before Christmas, and the default LCD display was somewhat fuzzy even with ClearType turned on. If you didn’t know, you can use an online tool to optimise the cleartype settings here. There’s also an XP…


HMV Case Study

There’s an interesting case study recently published on the Microsoft UK web-site for HMV who are using Microsoft Technologies to support both their physical stores and  online store. You can read more here. (Just also noticed it was mentioned in the latest TechNet Flash email newsletter – to receive your copy, sign up here)


TechNet Magazine – you can now read it online for free.

As I mentioned a little while ago, TechNet Magazine subscriptions were free (to US based people though). Although there’s something in the pipeline to make the magazine available in the UK, the good news is that you can read the full content online now at There’s lots of great articles in the Nov issue….


Singularity Operating System – another use for virtualisation?

I’ve always had an interest in Operating System internals, and have just finished reading the in-progress research document on a new operating system called “Singularity”. The research work is being done by Microsoft Research, and the aim of this OS is to examine what a new operating system would look like if it took a…


Online Labs

Just got news in my inbox that all the US Virtual Labs for both Technet and MSDN are running on Virtual Server 2005 R2 which I thought was kind of cool. If you haven’t had a chance to play with the online labs – you should. There’s lots of labs which get regularly refreshed, and…


Get TechNet Plus for half price

Thought you’d like this one if you live in the UK at least. Check out this page on, where there is a huge pricing discount for TechNet Plus subscriptions. If you purchase TechNet Plus directly through that site (ie not through a partner) from now until the end of the year, there is close…


Cheaper Windows Server solution for mid-sized businesses

Just noticed a promotional combination offer running in the UK for a Windows Server System Solution aimed at mid-sized businesses, combining a number of core technology components including Window Server 2003 Standard Edition,  Exchange 2003 Standard Edition and MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition. The good part about this offer is that it includes 50 new combination…


Proxy server configuration

Always a co-incidence. I was writing a script a few days ago which essentially is a Technorati “pinger” for blog updates. I was writing it at home, and it was working fine. I forwarded it to a few colleagues, and wasn’t expecting them to tell me that while they were physically on the Microsoft corpnet,…


TechNet improvements

Just came across this yesterday. If you are a TechNet subscriber, changes to the online site have been made which makes organising your subscription much easier through the introduction of the TechNet indexes. You can find this at In this Septembers shipment, you get an offline version of the indexes. The index allows you…


Business Desktop Deployment

I was following up a couple of queries with people about desktop deployment last week, and noticed that the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment was updated a few weeks ago to version 2.5. Rather than re-gurgitate info that other people have already been more on the ball about, take a look at these links…