Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

OK, so I’m a couple of months behind the times…. but in case you aren’t already aware, there’s a free 400+ page Microsoft Press E-Book available online. It makes interesting reading and has an all-up view of Microsoft virtualization covering Hyper-V,  System Centre Virtual Machine Manager, Application Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization and VDI. You can download…


I’m back…. More on Virtual Server 2005

Well I’m over in the USA now having left the UK 5 days ago. After a spot of “New Employee” training on Monday & Tuesday (seems they didn’t spot I’m not a new employee and wouldn’t let me off the hook) it’s been down to getting my new machines up and running, office sorted, and…


Branch Office Infrastructure Solution – lots of new information now available

The Branch Office Infrastructure Solution, or BOIS (which is far too easy to mis-type if you’ve worked in computing for a lot of years – think about it) has been released. The BOIS guidance and tools are designed and structured to address the needs of large organisations and enterprises in designing and deploying appropriate solutions for…


File Server Migration Toolkit

Virtualisation for migration and consolidation isn’t always the best answer. I’m not saying it isn’t appropriate always, but there are alternatives. One great example which I was asked by a customer last week about was for migrating and consolidating older file servers. The answer could be the Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit which provides tools…


Forms Based Authentication and RPC/HTTP over single IP using ISA 2004

You would think that this would be something fairly simple to do…. Well, think again, unless you know. In the scenario I was trying to get working, there are essentially three servers involved – a domain controller running Windows Server 2003, a single Exchange 2003 Server and an ISA 2004 Server. The goal is to allows users…


PKI and Certificate Management Information in Windows Server 2003

While on the subject of Certificates/Encryption/IPSec/PKI in general yesterday, I was looking around for some good information on how PKI works to post up. One white paper which stuck-out from the pile was published in December last year (so it’s reasonably up to date) by David B. Cross and Avi Ben-Menahem entitled “Key Archival and…


Windows 2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration

Although published a few years ago, one of the most useful books I keep coming back to is “Windows 2000 ADSI Scripting for System Administration” by Thomas Eck. As an IT Professional with a development background, this book has proved invaluable time and time again. Even with no development background, it never hurts to have…


Updated document – changes to functionality in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1

There is a revised version of a document just posted on microsoft.com describing the changes in functionality in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. It reflects Microsoft’s early thinking about Service Pack 1 and its implications for developers. Note that there will be future versions of this document covering all new and changed technologies.