Windows Sharepoint Services SP1 on Exchange 2003

This weekend, I was playing around yet more with my home infrastructure, “dogfooding”, so to speak. One of the things I wanted to get running was Windows Sharepoint Services SP1 (the baby brother of Sharepoint Portal Server). However, I’ve pretty much run out of memory on my struggling servers here to be able to rack…


Updated Server Performance Advisor Performance Diagnostic tool for AD and Windows

The latest version of the Server Performance Advisor was released at the end of last week for download here. SPA helps you diagnose the root causes of performance problems in a Windows Server 2003 deployment by collecting performance data and generating comprehensive diagnostic reports that give you the data to easily analyse problems and develop corrective actions….


How-To install a certificate for SSL Encryption under IIS

Following on from my post a couple of days ago  about using MakeCert to generate a self-signed certificate, this is one way in which you can test that the generated certificate is working correctly for SSL authentication within IIS. It was almost worthy of a blogcast (BTW, congratulations Mike for joining in the fun), but…


How-to use MakeCert for trusted root certification authority and SSL certificate issuance

I wasn’t originally going to blog this, but my colleague, Mat, and I were discussing encryption late last night. Mat was specifically interested in its use for security traffic in the context of SQL Reporting Service, but we got massively sidetracked and ended up talking about IPSec, MAPI and all sorts of other things along…


IIS 7.0 – a first look

I saw several demonstrations of an early cut of IIS 7 when I was over in Redmond a couple of weeks ago. Again it’s Longhorn timeframe material, so much can change and there’s little concrete information publicly available. Remember we’re way before pre-beta product. One particular demonstration though was fabulous – the power and manageability…