Hyper-V RC1 (KB950049) is available on Windows Update

Update: 26th June 2008. Hyper-V RTM is now available. RC1 is pre-release software. 

The RC1 release of Hyper-V (KB950049) hit Windows Update yesterday. For more information on Hyper-V RC1 and some FAQs, take a look here.



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  1. Roger – this isn’t actually a machine specific problem, so there is no list as such. The problem is actually a bug in the Hypervisor in RC1 and relates to when it sees two processors which are reporting mis-matching address lengths. Realistically, there is no simple way of detecting this before applying RC1 – it depends entirely on the manufacturing process of the servers and which batch of processors were put into it (or what processors have been added after original build in a couple of cases that have been reported to me).



  2. Christan Saborio says:

    I faced some issues with the windows update installation of Hyper-V, please check this post:


  3. Roger Crawford says:

    I have the bug where the upgrade from RC0 to RC1 and then the VS Servers quit this error here "Hyper-V launch failed; Processor ID 0x4 does not provide the features necessary to run Hyper-V (leaf 0x80000008, register 0x0: features needed 0x24, features supported 0x26). " I am running a HP BL 460c Blade Server with Dual Quad Core CPU’s. I did go in and change the CPU option to 4 and could get my server back running and I know they say it is a select few servers that has this problem. Do you have a place this list is posted. I was going to roll this out to a few more servers and wanted to make sure they are not on the list. Thanks

    Roger Crawford


  4. Roger Crawford says:

    Thanks John you can add a HP Blade Server model BL460c with dual QC Intel E5345 CPU’s and all the latest BIOS and firmware and updates to the list. I will be installing some BL 480c’s with QC CPU’s next week and RC1 and I will let you know how that goes.


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