Hyper-V RC0 (KB949219) is now available on Windows Update

Update: 26th June 2008. Hyper-V RTM is now available. RC0 is pre-release software. 


Some of you may have noticed that the RC0 release of Hyper-V (KB49219) hit Windows Update yesterday. It's is an optional update. For more information on Hyper-V RC0 and some FAQs, take a look here.



Comments (2)

  1. Darron says:

    Dude this should be automatic option in vista service pack for admins.

    All end users want is this:

    Turn on vista machine logs into server runs vista from server.

    Yes you need 2 operating systems but you only paid for less than 2 why… because if the server crashes you can still run your latest back up that is stored on your local computer.

    Yes oo easy smart simple

    Pick holes in it all you want but you need the best of both worlds because for all your hype of hyper V if the server goes down the whole buildings down simple as that.

    Thats why 2 vistas and a simple image back up on your local computer from the night before is nice till the server comes back on line.’

    Ta dar badoom ching

    Dont bother to reply to this im never going to view this page ever again.

  2. justin says:

    What on earth was ‘Darron’ saying?

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