Hyper-V installation freezes at 54% or uninstallation freezes at 75%

KB article 950792 describing the scenario and the workaround has now gone live.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a very similar problem – I’ve posted about this before, but never got a response back.

    My server hangs at 78% removal – I don’t have an HP NIC, but I’m using dual Intel 1000 EB onboard NICs on a Tyan Tank FT48.

    I’ve left my URL – it should be easy to find my email address from there… I’d really appreciate some pointers!

  2. Zytys – do you by any chance have Exchange installed on the root partition? This post may also help: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3272554&SiteID=17



  3. Jason – it will be a different issue – the problem above was very specific to an older version of the HP Proliant Software. Do you have additional OEM NIC software installed on the server (eg teaming).  Does the system recover if you hard power it down (or shutdown /t 0 /r /m \computername remotely if it’s responding on the network).



  4. Zytys says:

    This KB is about HP NIC’s…. :(, but I’m have this problem with Broadcom NIC’s on IBM 3650 server.

  5. Virtualization Team Member says:


    I had faced the same problem earlier with an HP blade and yes the article you are pointing to work just fine.



  6. Jason Sherry says:

    I have the same issue on a Dell PE1900, which has a Broadcom NIC.  Hangs at 76% (Update 3 of 3) for me.

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