Running Microsoft Money 2005 UK under Windows Vista

So now Windows Vista and Office 2007 are here, I've been upgrading to the RTM build on my home machines over the weekend. One little foible I've found is with running the UK edition of Microsoft Money 2005 under Windows Vista.

Once Microsoft Money is installed and you open your previous money file, it will sit there for a while attempting to compact your money file, then fall over in a heap. There is an update which Money needs, but you can't install it if you can't run it. This KB describes the process in more detail.

The workaround, it turns out, is relatively simple. However the symptoms above give no indication of the problem directly. What you need to do is turn off UAC (User Account Control).

Click "Start/Control Panel"
Click "User Accounts"
Click "User Accounts (again)"
Click "Turn User Account control on or off"


Reboot the machine

Now you can follow the KB I linked to above to use the sample money file to update.

PLEASE: Now please repeat the above steps to turn UAC back on again and reboot. This is really important and I sincerely recommend you run with UAC turned on.

Now you can open you old Money file as normal again.
Hope this helps someone

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  1. Anonymous says:

    John always has to be the first to announce whenever things get released, launched, become available.

  2. John – I’m not sure why that KB has been pulled (bearing in mind this post is over 2 years old too now). Closest I can find is



  3. Andrew – not sure why that article is no longer available. The steps used to say:

    1.  Start Money 2005.  

    2.  When you receive the error message that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section, click OK.  

    3.  On the "About upgrading your Money file" screen, click File, click New, and then click New File.  

    4.  In the Save in box, click a location for your new Money 2005 data file, type a new name for the file in the File name box, and then click OK.  

    5.  On the "Thank you for using Microsoft Money 2005" screen, click Next.  

    6.  On the "Help protect your online privacy and security" screen, click Decline.  

    7.  Click Yes to continue without using a Microsoft .NET Passport.  

    8.  Click to select the I don’t want to use a password for my Money file check box, and then click Next.  

    9.  On the "Add your accounts" page, click Next. If you use Microsoft Money 2005 Small Business, click Skip on the "Tell Money about your business" screen.

    Note If you receive a message that states to update Money 2005, click Yes, follow the prompts to install the update, and then go to step 13.  

    10.  On the "Choose an account type" screen, click Cancel.  

    11.  Click Finish.  

    12.  On the Money 2005 home page, click Yes to install the Money 2005 update, and then follow the prompts that appear on the screen to install the update.

    Note If you do not receive these prompts, or if you only see a blank page, there is likely something blocking access to the download site–for example, firewall software. You may have to allow for access to the Microsoft Downloads center.  

    13.  To restart Money 2005, click OK.  

    14.  Click File, and then click Open.  

    15.  Locate your original Money 2005 data file, and then click Open. If you are prompted to back up the data file, click Don’t Back Up.  

    Hope that helps.



  4. Manuch says:

    Hi !

    I’ve tested it on my side, and the work-arround to allow Money to get the update was to run it as Administrator (right clic on the icon and select the appropriate option).

    Now, what still doesn’t work is that I cannot import OFX files from my bank website. It gets Money crash each time !

    Well, however, I will get back to XP or 2000, since Vista RC1 is too slow and doesn’t give anything really interesting except a new look. If you want a 3D desktop that works, try out Mandriva 2007 with 3D enabled, you’ll be sticked !



  5. momchil says:

    Dear John,

    I am having the same problem but in WindowsXP SP2. My motherboard burned and I had to reinstall WindowsXP and then Money 2005. However after the reinstall when I try to reopen my original money file it will start compacting and after a while it will fall over. I tried to go to the KB you provided but it is no longer available. Any suggestions on how can I fix this in XP and do you have copy of the KB article?

    Thank you in advance,


  6. Andrew Slipper says:

    Hi the KB link above doesn’t work anymore. has it disapeared? i am having issues going from Money UK 2004 from a Windows XP Home to A Windows XP Pro environment. it keeps on wanting to compact the file!

  7. johnmxn says:

    Hi John

    My Norton 306 wnet belly up at the weekend.  Fixed it,  tried to run Money 2005,  it said I had the wrong password and would I re-enter it.

    I did many times,  all failed.  Can I reload the program with a new password or am I stuck in limbo with it?

    No support from Microsoft as product too old !

    Advice would be appreciated please.


  8. johnmxn says:

    MSMonet 2005 refuses to recognise my password,  though I have done nothing to change it.  When I enter it again as requested it still tells me it is invalid.  I can get no help from Money support.  Have you any advice please?


  9. John Talbot says:

    The link described above "kb 890393 en us spid 2351 sid global" does not yield any results. Do you know whether it is still available

  10. ML49448 says:

    Fantastic – did the job. Thanks for the information.

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