Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2

I've just noticed that Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 will be available next month. Some of the more significant changes are the expanded Exchange mailbox limit to 75GB, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). In addition, SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition is included in the Premium edition.

More information available here.


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  1. nick says:

    John – There’s been some discussion in the SBS partner community about the value of R2.  Susan and Vlad have very different positions on the value that R2 provides to customers, while I tend to think of this as a relatively minor upgrade.  Was wondering what you thought about R2… I have my original post linked below, along with links to Vlad and Susan’s comments.

  2. <ducking>

    Nick – This is clearly an emotive topic by what I’ve read, and I’m not going to take anyones side – really these sorts of issues are questions which need to be put to the Microsoft marketing folks or SBS product group – both Susan & Vlad should have routes to escalate this through. I can’t comment further, as what’s in or out of SBS, what it called (R2 vs SPx etc) are calls made by other parts of Microsoft far removed from myself. At the end of the day, the contention seems to be whether the chosen name and delivery vehicle match what’s in the box.

    IMHO and FWIW, from what I’ve read, the product improvements are for the good (particularly the mailbox size increase and WSUS inclusion as I pulled out in the original post) – noone seems to disagree with that at least 🙂 SBS is a great product with one of the most loyal and active communities behind it that I’ve come across. Hence, I’m not surprized to see such a discussion ongoing – everyone has an opinion…




  3. nick says:

    I tend to agree… I’m not looking forward to it in the same was as I was with SBS 2003, but it’s a good next step.  I think the primary area of disagreement is about SBS-sizing of WSUS – for better or worse.  Looking forward to getting my hands on it.

    Thanks – Nick

  4. susan says:

    Smart man for ducking  🙂

    The bottom line is this..

    1.  R2 in general isn’t that WOW of a release for any product.

    2.  SBS r2 SQL 2005 workgroup and Exchange cal right change is a WOW event.  You can add member servers/SQL servers and not have to buy SQL cals for example.

    3. IT folks drink koolaid and they see this as a hard sell to existing clients.  Don’t.  Sell it to new ones.

    4. There are, however, some clients that will want the green check.

    …and yes.. we’re kinda opinionated….  🙂

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