The UK isn’t what it used to be

All because I left, I guess 😉 So (IMHO), one of the great things about the TechNet evenings on the Microsoft UK Campus in Reading was the availability of beer & pizza at the break. (Of course, before I get blasted with comments about encouraging alcohol... soft drinks were available too). There was one downside to it in that the beer was pretty fizzy - burping during the second half while amplified through a radio mic did tend to make the 8-9PM slot more interesting sometimes....   But no, I just noticed in a TechNet Flash newsletter from last month, no more pizza, just sandwiches and licensing laws are forcing this to be soft drinks only. Oh well, at least I've got a beer fridge in my office over here 🙂


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  1. paul says:

    So what’s new !! At least you managed to escape the clutches of the Nanny State.

    Oh to be able to stuff myself silly at breakfast in either Cracker Barrel or Ihop, whilst not caring if it was politically correct or frowned upon here.

    I wonder how long it will be before Speckled Hen and Old Peculiar will have a government health warning? “Drinking seriously affects your balance, do not operate machinery whilst consuming"

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