Windows Virtualization WinHEC Slide Decks

I've just posted up on the VM team blog a set of links to the slide decks presented at WinHEC 2006 relating to Windows Server virtualization. If you want to find out a bit more of the architecture of what we're building, they're a great place to start.


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  1. losojnicki says:

    Hi John,

    When will Windows Virtualisation be included in Longhorn? Beta 3? RC1? Trying to get a feel for when we can start testing. Welcome to the USA. My wife and I would actually prefer to be in the UK in the Southwest country but our children keep us in the states. Although we visit the UK every year. Devon, Cornwall and IOW.


  2. Thanks! Loving it over here 🙂

    We’re planning a beta of Windows Virtualization in the last quarter of this year. I haven’t been keeping particularly up to date with Longhorn Beta 3 & RC dates, but I’m pretty sure (see disclaimer!) these are into 2007, ie after our beta. Whether that means a later beta of Windows Virtualization will be included in Longhorn Beta3 or RC’s hasn’t been announced.

    As for the actual release of Windows Virtualization, it will be within 180 days of Longhorn server shipping. We haven’t said what form either the beta or released product will take, how it will be installed etc., but rest assured there’ll be something posted up here as soon as the announcements are made.

    Apologies if my answer appears vague – unfortunately, these are the only public commitments which have been made so I can’t add anything further as yet.

    Hope that helps.



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