Windows Vista Beta 2 Download Link

If you want to get your hands on Windows Vista Beta 2 have a good internet connection (or some patience) and a DVD burner, try this link. You'll need a passport account. Once you logon, you'll be given a product key and the full download links. There were some problems with downloads yesterday due to the huge demand but they should now be resolved.

Have fun!

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: 9th June 2006. Windows Vista Beta 2 download information

    Now available for download, if you…

  2. Joubert says:

    Hi John.

    My name´s Joubert and I live in Brazil.

    I don´t speak english very but, I ever read your posts.

    It´s possible install the Windows Vista in Virtual PC 2004?

    Thanks yout attention.



  3. Hi Joubert – yes, you can run Windows Vista in Virtual PC 2004, but it depends on which build you are using and making sure you have the right additions installed in the guest. There’s more information on Ben’s blog and Mike’s blog



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