Linux Support in VS2005 R2 KB Article

Here's the link to the KB article I referred to yesterday for third party operating system (read Linux today) under Virtual Server 2005 R2.


Comments (2)

  1. Troy Phillips says:

    What is the chance of OpenBSD getting onto this list?

    Our requirement to run OpenBSD VMs has forced us to partly move to VMware Server (they do not have VM addtions for Open BSD either, but for some reason the performance without tools is quite usable).

    With this in mind, any future consolidation we do will likely be towards VMware Server until the Virtual Server update that supports Volume Shadow Copying comes out (ie please rush it !)

  2. Hi Troy – we do not have any plans to support OpenBSD currently. However, the decision to support Linux under VS was purely a response to direct customer feedback. If there’s enough significant demand to support OpenBSD this may happen in the future – I’ll chalk your comment up to the appropriate people. One thing though – users have reported that OpenBSD does run under Virtual Server even though it isn’t supported.

    FYI: The beta of VS2005 R2 SP1 which supports VSS is due to be out fairly soon. Keep watching for more info 🙂



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