Exchange 12 CTP has arrived

So I've been a little light on blogging over the past couple of weeks while I've been over in Redmond for a house-hunting trip before moving over in a couple of weeks, so there was a fair bit of post waiting for me back in the office. The March TechNet Plus subscription was among the pile, complete with the Exchange 12 CTP build (based on the beta 1 codebase). Not that with everything else going on I'll have a great deal of time to install it and have a real look at how far it's progressed 🙁

I also noticed in the March MSDN shipment, disk 3028.1 is Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, both x86 and x64. Now I'll have to wait until I get home, but I was sure that I only got Standard edition through MSDN before.

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