WinTarget software incorporated into Windows Storage Server

Definitely worth looking at as I've been using the WinTarget iSCSI target software on trial for a while now. Microsoft has just acquired the WinTarget software product and will be incorporating it into future versions of Windows Storage Server 2003. A Microsoft native  iSCSI target solution has been sorely needed for a long time (IMHO)! Press release information gcan be found here.

Comments (3)

  1. Aldrich says:

    Here is a free version of iSCSI Target, named iStorage Server:

    It is powerful and beautiful

  2. llee says:

    I like the product these guys had…I did the clustering deal on their product using VS 2005 and VMWare GSX easily.  Funny how these guys sole purpose was to get acquired by MS – at the end anyhow.  Good addition MS, but bad inclusion.  It’s bad that we will no longer hear much of this solution, because it has been integrated into the Windows Storage line (not much clamor on this – even in the Enterprise space).  I had WinTarget for some medium based sized client and even small business – hardly any need for SMB for the Windows Storage product line.  MS could of marketed this around Business Continuance, and more.

  3. And by amazing coincidence on "New Employee" training last week with over 200 people in the room (yes, I had to sit through it even though I’ve been an employee for quite some time) I was sat right next to two of the three or four people who came across in the acquisition.

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